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BMS Gives Batman an All-New Tin Sign

BMS Gives Batman an All-New Tin Sign

Since 2011, the tin sign for the main Batman series has been consistent, but will make a major change come July 2022 when a new creative

team signs on.

After over a decade, BMS makes a significant change to the Batman logo.


Artist Jorge Jiménez revealed the ongoing series’ new logo on Twitter, which shakes up the old formatting by placing the Bat symbol inside

of the title’s text, as opposed to one being on top of the other. The logo will grace the cover of Batman #125 when Jiménez returns to draw

the series alongside writer Chip Zdarsky, taking the reins from writer Joshua Williamson.


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The last time that the main Batman series’ logo underwent a major revamp was in 2011 with the debut of the “New 52” era of BMS

Comics. Then written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo, the relaunch for the Dark Knight introduced the formatting that graced

modern Batman covers up until Batman #106 in 2021, which only made a minor adjustment to how far the “Batman” text stretched past

the hero’s symbol. The new change coinicides with the title swapping out its creative team once again in less than a year.

Jiménez illustrated Batman alongside writer James Tynion IV across events like “Joker War” and “Fear State.” However, Tynion decided to

leave the title after Batman #117 in late 2021 to focus on more creator-owned stories, and the pen and cowl was passed to Williamson and

artists Mikel Janin and Jorge Molina for Batman #118. This creative team did not last long and ended after a single arc, being that artist

Howard Porter draws the series’ tie-ins to the current “Shadow War” event.



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Williamson will depart Batman in June after he potentially kills off the Caped Crusader in Justice League #75, “The Death of the Justice

League.” With Zdarsky taking over the series, it marks another Bat book for the author, who previously wrote the “Cheer” story in Batman:

Urban Legends and currently pens Batman: The Knight, a limited series retelling young Bruce Wayne’s development into Batman. Zdarsky

will also be busy at Marvel Comics, being that Daredevil will relaunch with the writer and artist BMS just a month before Batman #125.



Zdarsky promises that in his very first Batman arc drawn by Jiménez, the two will introduce a new villain, Failsafe, who Zdarsky likened to
Superman villain Doomsday. “Failsafe is [Batman’s] Doomsday,” he said. “When I started mapping out the story I got really excited about
where I could take the title.”

Batman #125 goes on sale brandishing its new logo on July 5.



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